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Thank You & Sponsorship Page

This web page is our spcial place to tell all those people who have helped us to make our project possible. Their generosity and support far exceeded any expectations we could have imagined. We highly recommend any of the businesses listed in the case that you find yourself in need of their services or expertise.

Thanks To All Of You!!

Dale Hertzfeld
SysCor Technologies

Web Hosting services and Web Site Design

Joseph Gottlieb

EE work, advise, etc.
Bob Cleary et. all Video documentary of build
Jeff Miller
J.Miller Customs
Squeezing us into his busy schedule so that we can have a great paint job when we hit the road.
C2 Motorsports Lots of great racing information and advice. And a place to park and recharge when I needed it.
George Hamstra
NetGain Technologies, LLC
Help and information with motor selections.
Mark Weber
Factory Five Racing
Help and information about kit car.
Cafe Electric
Help and information about motor controller.
Victor Tikhonov
Metric Mind
Help and information about some AC motor and controller options.
Louie Finkle
a.k.a. Electric Louie
Metric Mind
Pointed out a critical mistake I had made in one of my calculations and confirmed much of the information I had acquired to that point.
Plasma Boy John Wayland Inspiration, advice, and a heck of a good friend
RackMountsEtc.com Shop security computer.
Jim Huston of Hi Torque Electric Motor information, advise and a great help at all the events


Mothers Polishes

Tyco Electric Corporation LHV Power / Current Ways
RME rackmount servers Delphi Automotive Avia Alta Vista Insurance Agency
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