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We Just got the news; we did not make the cut for the race. If it is run next year well, we'll be nine months ahead of where we started :) in the meantime onto other projects... Current thoughts are try to get on Monster Garage, Scrapheap Challenge, build a hybrid custom motorcycle (I have most of the parts on our bench tester), and build a 65 Coupe from FactoryFive racing.

Our site visit did not go well <see Pseudo blog>, but it did go...

Our Video was accepted for Site Visit! This does not mean I'm taking Urban Dance Squad "Say A Little Prayer for My Demo" of the playlist <We have just renamed the site visit Demo 2, and the Qualifier Demo 3, the Race I'm thinking 'The Main Event'>

I have started a what I would do different / advice page.

Our team is based in Sunny San Diego.

We have started a Pseudo Blog

The vehicle is more or less built now.

Update we just finished sending in our video for the DARPA contest. We had many difficulties with this and have written up a somewhat amusing account of this found here.

We have started building our vehicle our race vehicle and will be updating the site with pictures when it is finished; working name S.S.I.K <Simple Solutions Inclusive Kar>.
We previously built a vehicle code named Mini-ME, but stopped when it was little more than a go-cart (click here for details).

We are also working on acquiring various 3d sensing systems, navigation system (GPS plus dead reckoning), and proto-typing our initial AI.

We are seeking Sponsors. And will have a presentation for sponsor upon competition of our initial vehicle (approximate time line end of September beginning of October).

Questions, suggesting, comments?

The core team so far

KD (Michael Kadie) The man who decided to do this in the first place :) Initial design discussion, built Mini-ME. <resume> <junkyard wars style builds>

  Frank Jungman (the organized one) Initial design discussion, electronics expert.
  Howard Rittberg (the person with the safety equipment) Initial design discussion, experience with off-road vehicles and off-road vehicle GPS systems
Uncle Don (Don McKeith) Vehicle expert and all around good old boy.
  Neighbor Terry - sanity checker, generalist, and he with whom ideas are bounced.
Additional Contributors Carl Kadie, Vic Bershinsky, Dorman Land, MaryLinda McKeith, Eric Jackson, Barbara Parcells, Mark Hargett, Joe Gallup, and many more

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